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The Educated Hunter - An entertaining and educational resource for hunters and non hunters. Conversations with knowledgeable guests that have unique experiences in the hunting, conservation and wildlife management world. Guests will be from New Zealand and around the world.

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Cam Mackay - Points South, NZ Outfitter, and Entrepreneur

Cam Mackay from Points South is a keen hunter, professional guide, writer, educator, and all round entrepreneur in the New Zealand hunting industry. Kuran has a honest conversation around the origin, substance and motivation behind Points South and the content they produce for hunters from New Zealand and around the world. If the idea of making your living (or at least a part of it) within the hunting industry then you will enjoy this conversation!

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Cam Mackay can be found at Points South, along with some great content on their blog; hunting articles, instructional/educational articles around hunting, some good all round hunting yarns.

Website -

Instagram - @pointssouth

FaceBook - @PointsSouthHunting

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